Mixed media

Here is my first attempt in mixed media....  be gentle :)
I use a kind of dress doll my daughter never wanted to play with.

C'est mon premier essai de mixed media.  Ici filmé avec Viddy (Iphone) donc short and bref :)
I can't load any photo so you just get this short vid.
Have a fairy day!

Photo transfert on fimo

Wel, I've tried :)

I was well prepared with all kind of videos on Youtube but still....

J'étais bien préparée mais ça a cafouillé quand même :)

I took my cat :

Well, a picture of him of course :)

And here it is.....  Messy!!!!

Voyez les bords comme ils se sont déchirés avec le papier....  C'était pas supposé faire un transfert dans la fimo?  J'ai pourtant tout fait comme la madame elle a dit....  M'en vais réclamer chez Youtube moi... Na!

Look at the edges....  The color seems not to have been transferred into the clay... at all :)
I'm going to claim Youtube right now :)))

Have a fairy day!!


La bague des petits oiseaux dodus (a new ring)

Everything started with a custom order from my shop.
She wanted the same fatty birds as my necklace but on a ring.
And she wanted it green....

Tout a commencé par une commande spéciale.  La dame voulait des oiseaux comme sur le collier des pioux amoureux mais sur une bague carrée et verte.

Which green?? :)

To be sure, I made 5 shades of green :

She took the third one and the rest are on my shop waiting for fingers :)

Elle a pris la troisième et le reste attendent pour une paire de doigts dans la boutique :)


Resin : try and try again! Never give up!

Some with paper inside...

Et pour ma coco, j'ai fait mes courses scrap (petit message perso! :)

Have a fairy day!!!!!


Mais il est où le soleil?

This pendant is in painted fimo.  With uv gel on top of it.

I used a charm from "Mais il est où le soleil" to get this design.


Moon resin stone

This pendant is in resin too.  I've mixed some mica to get this moon stone like result.


Golden angel in resin

This angel is made in resin.  I've made a mold from the item below :

C'est beau l'amour!





According to my web shop, I wanted to give a new name to my blog : Shabbyness.

Here are some newbies :

Clouds and rain pendants.

Here is the back side of the biggest.  Embossing powder power!!



From my coffee corner...

Some new pendants:

Blue moon : fimo and embossing powder baked.

The key hole :)

Little butterfly....

From nature....

In my heart...  Flowers and colors!!

I've put some UV nail resin on top of them.  They are going to join my web shop soon!


Little bird.... and co.

Some new pendants...


Bambi lover!

Owl lover!

Bird in the garden

Peace (and love too) :)

Love birds!

I love you!

Alice in wonderland!

Have a nice day!